Aluminium Lantern

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Aluminium Lantern - More Sky Less Roof...

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes Full Building Regs

→ A+ Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Lantern - More Sky Less Roof...

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes Full Building Regs

→ A+ Energy Efficiency

Aluminium Lantern, South Wales, UK

Our Aluminium Lanterns from Atlas roof solutions are designed with architectural principles in mind. Equally slim sightlines throughout the lantern mean it’s proportionately perfect, offering you visible elegance inside and outside. Available from as small as 1m x 1m, right up to 8m x 5m it’s up to you exactly how much of a statement you want to make!

Why Choose an Aluminium Lantern?

More Sky, Less Roof…

Our Aluminium SkyRooms from Atlas Roof Solutions are the UK’s most thermally efficient aluminium roof system that are perfect for statement garden rooms, functional living spaces or existing conservatories in need of a roof transformation.

Atlas’ unique system design is pure engineering magic. Super strong, light, 40mm aluminium frame rafters create slim, elegant roof profiles with excellent thermal performance. Compared to conventional roofs sold by competitors, Atlas slashes the visible width and sight lines of rafters by 30% and the main internal feature ridge by 70%.

This unique design creates a feeling of MORE SKY – LESS ROOF giving you visible elegance to your roof design
and appearance.

Our Lanterns from Atlas Roof Solutions have combined good looks, outstanding strength and intelligent detailing, to create one of the finest looking products available for conservatory and orangery installations.

Atlas Lanterns South Wales

Supreme Thermal Performance

The goal of our Roof Lanterns is to let visible light in, whilst keeping solar heat out in the summer and radiant heat in during the winter.

Our Roof Lantern from Atlas roof solutions rafter is twice as thermally efficient as its nearest competitor. Upgrade to triple glazing to be 3 times as efficient.

Overall U Value can be as low as 0.7 when triple glazed or 1.2 when double glazed.

Units incorporate argon gas, a safe and inert gas that improves insulation, and warm edge spacer bar technology that reduces ‘cold spots’ and condensation, avoiding formation of unsightly mould while improving thermal insulation.

A combination of low emissivity inner glass and argon gas filling means the Atlas solar control glass gives twice the insulation of ordinary double glazing, which reduces energy costs and keeps your conservatory warmer in winter.

We had new Anthracite Bi-folds fitted pre Christmas and we were so impressed with their professionalism and workmanship, we decided to have a new kitchen window and French doors to match.
We couldn’t recommend them enough. Sterling work, Thank You

Steven Bell, South Wales, UK

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