Flat Rooflight

at Ewenny Home Improvements, South Wales

Unrivalled Thermal Performance...

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes Full Building Regs

→ A+ Energy Efficiency

Flat Rooflight, South Wales, UK

A Flat Rooflight allows maximum light to flood in from above. Our flat rooflight effortlessly keeps the unwanted heat out and the ambient room temperature constant, giving you the benefit of year-round comfort and performance.

With a unique and  polished edge-to-edge glass exterior, it’s not only a stunning evolution of its rivals, but brings many practical benefits. Its clever design allows water to simply glide off its surface and not be hindered by perimeter sealants or protruding frames.

Our flat rooflights is heat soaked toughened safety glass as standard, alternatively laminated security glass to the inner pane can be selected. Laminated glass provides homeowners with safety, security, noise reduction, and 98% reduction in UV rays which prevents sun bleaching.

Why Choose a Flat Rooflight?

With unrivalled looks and thermal performance, our flat rooflights are the ultimate glazed flat rooflight.

The minimalistic contemporary external design with flush glazing gives a sleek, modern appearance and is a stunning addition to any home extension. 

With an unrivalled double glazing overall U Value (roof and glass) of 1.3 w/²k our flat rooflight outperforms many of its rivals.

Sitting flush with the internal platers line, the fixed flat rooflight appears frameless from the interior of the home, creating the illusion of an open roof space.

Using advanced glass technology and superior insulation to keep your home warm, our rooflights form a thermally efficient glass facade, a wonderful way to flood a space with light and enjoy beautiful views.

Supreme Thermal Performance

The goal is to let visible light in, whilst keeping solar heat out in the summer and radiant heat in during the winter.

Independent tests show that our Aluminium Flatroof light is the most thermally efficient in the UK domestic market.

A U Value is the measure of heat loss from a building structure. A high U Value means thermal insulation is poor whilst a low U Value indicates a good thermal insulation.

Our Aluminium Flat Rooflight has a U Value of 1.3 w/²k which outperforms many of its rivals.

With energy bills rising, thermal efficiency & performance remains number one priority when making home improvements.

Designed and engineered with performance in mind, flat rooflights always allow for superior thermal efficiency, reducing your energy costs whilst making your room a comfortable living space all year round.

Flat Roof Light Installations:

Open Plan Living Area with flat rooflights
Flat Rooflight in a Modern Kitchen
Flat Roof Lights
Flat Rooflights in a modern extension
Flat Rooflights from an external view
Double Flat Rooflight with bi-fold doors


Are Flat Rooflights Suitable For All Types Of Roofs?

Yes, flat rooflights are versatile and can be installed on various roof types, including flat roofs, extensions, and roofs with a low pitch.

Are Flat Rooflights Energy-Efficient?

Yes, many flat rooflights are designed to be energy-efficient, featuring double or triple glazing and thermal breaks to minimize heat loss and enhance insulation.

Can I Walk On A Flat Rooflight?

Most flat rooflights are not designed to bear weight. If you need access to your roof and would like to be able to walk over your rooflight, consider adding a walk-on rooflight specifically designed for that purpose.

Can Flat Rooflights Be Customised In Terms Of Size And Design?

Yes, flat rooflights are customisable to fit specific sizes and design preferences, allowing you to tailor them to your unique architectural requirements.

Are Flat Rooflights Suitable For Kitchens And Bathrooms?

Absolutely! Flat rooflights are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, providing ample natural light and maintaining privacy.

Do Flat Rooflights Come With Integrated Blinds Or Shading Options?

Yes, we can supply and install flat rooflights offer integrated blinds or shading options, providing control over light levels and privacy within the space.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Flat Rooflights?

Flat rooflights offer advantages such as increased natural light, enhanced aesthetics, improved ventilation options, and the creation of a more open and spacious feel within a room.