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A Sleek And Modern Look - Flush Fit Windows

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes Full Building Regs

→ A+ Energy Efficiency

Flush Fit Windows, South Wales, UK

Flush Fit Windows by Rehau UK are the perfect, contemporary alternative to Casement Windows and the perfect choice if you are inspired by the minimal continental style.

When it comes to design features and sophisticated styling, Rehau Rio Flush Windows are in a class of its own. They are specifically designed so that the opening sash of the window sits flush with the outer frame, giving a unique sleek and seamless appearance.

Not only do flush windows authentically replicate the features of a traditional timber window, they also compliment more modern homes perfectly with their clear lines and minimalist appearance. This truly sets these windows aside in terms of look, suitability, safety and longevity.

Available in both chamfered and sculptured frame options, Flush Windows can suit any installation. The Rio Flush window has a hidden dummy mullion end cap which is over moulded with a gasket for a more seamless finish.

Why Choose Flush Fit Windows?

Stylish. Sleek. Sustainable.

Flush Windows provide the benefit of noise reduction, low maintenance, safety and security and energy efficiency – our window systems from REHAU achieve an A+ rating, the highest possible window energy rating. 

Crafted using uPVC, our window systems guarantee maximum energy efficiency and performance for your investment whilst guaranteeing low maintenance due to our unique compound with a smooth gloss finish ensuring that windows retain their pristine appearance for years to come meaning they will never warp, rot or need painting.

Rehau Flush windows are virtually maintenance free and have been independently tested, achieving the highest BSI ratings for wind, water and air protecting your home from the elements.

Colour Options to suit your style…

Flush Fit Colour Options

Outstanding Performance & Sustainability

Alongside the many aesthetic features available, Flush Windows can accommodate the very latest high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms making your new Windows safe and secure.

The use of recycled materials is one of our and REHAU’s strategic objectives and we are committed in supporting that objective by leading change in attitudes and accessibility of recycling.

By making their own processes more efficient and creating new opportunities for recycling, REHAU’s aim is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to make the choice of recycled products.

In 2014, PVCR was welcomed into the REHAU group and has since benefited from significant investment in its recycling equipment. This has enabled the processing of over 13,000 tonnes of post consumer windows and doors per year. 

Flush Fit Window Installations

Close up of Flush Fit window's energy-efficient design
Flush Fit Windows South Wales
Image showcasing coloured Flush Fit Windows
Rio Flush Fit Windows South Wales
Rio Flush Fit Windows South Wales
Flush Fit Windows South Wales


How Do Rio Flush Windows Compare To Timber Windows?

Our Flush Windows can offer a realistic alternative to traditional timber windows, especially with the Turner Oak finish and the fully welded joint option. The windows have the same aesthetic appeal of timber, but with the convenience and efficiency benefits of modern uPVC. They are more durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, and cost effective than timber windows.

What Are The Differences Between Rio Flush Fit Windows and Aluminium Windows?

The Rehau Rio Flush Fit Windows can offer a cost effective alternative to aluminium windows, especially with the grey finish laminates and the mechanical joint option. Flush windows have a similar modern look of aluminium, but with the thermal performance and noise reduction benefits of uPVC. They are also more flexible, easy to install, and recyclable than aluminium windows.

What Are The Colour And Finish Options For Rio Flush Fit Windows?

Rio Flush Fit Windows have a wide range of colour and finish options to suit any installation. Colours and finishes include wood effect foils, such as Turner Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany, and Irish Oak; grey finish laminates, such as Anthracite Grey, Pearl Grey, Slate Grey, Basalt Grey, Agate Grey, Silver Grey, Quartz Grey; white finish foils, like Simply White; solid colours, Black Brown; metallic colours, such as Smooth Silver; and bespoke colours upon request.

What Are The Thermal Performance Ratings For Rio Flush Fit Windows?

Flush Windows have an ‘A’ energy rating and a thermal performance of 1.3 W/m2K. They can help reduce heat loss and lower energy bills for homeowners.

What Are The Size And Glass Specifications For Rio Flush Fit Windows?

The Rehau flush windows have a profile depth of 70mm and can accommodate glass widths of 28mm and 34mm. The maximum window size is 1200 x 1200mm for top hung windows and 900 x 1300mm for side hung windows. Maximum sash weight is 35kg for fully welded windows and 30kg for mechanical windows.

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