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Origin Global Sliding Doors

Aesthetically Striking and Slimline Aluminium Sliding Doors

The Origin sliding door range delivers first-in-class design and provides the most spectacular aluminium finish for any building project. Available in four different slim sightlines across two different sliding door systems – the Origin Artisan Slider and the Origin Patio Slider. Origin have some of the slimmest aluminium sliding doors on the market, allowing for some of the largest glass expanses to be achieved to offer uninterrupted views whilst not compromising on quality or thermal performance. Both systems are modern, boast industry leading security features and are architecturally striking variations on the traditional patio door system.

Origin Sliding Doors Are Offered In Two Systems

Origin Artisian OS-20 Sliding Door

Origin OS-20 Sliding Door

Origin Artisian OS-20 Sliding Door

Minimal and sleek in design, the Artisan Slider OS-20 has ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm. The slimmest Sliding Door in the Origin collection. 

Origin Patio Slider (OS-29, OS-44 & OS-77)

Origin Patio Sliding Doors

Origin Patio Slider (OS-29, OS-44 & OS-77)

A modern take on the traditional patio door, the Origin Patio Slider OS-29, OS-44 and OS-77 are the perfect fit for any type of home. There are three sightline options available. 

Open Up Your World With A Glide…

Effortlessly open up your home as your door glides along the specially designed track, which allows the doors to pass each other smoothly – today, tomorrow, and even after years of use.

The beauty of a slider is that you choose where your opening is, whether that’s to the left, right, or the middle of your space.

Each track is concealed – this means there’s less chance of anyone catching their fingers or toes as they explore your inside and outside worlds. It’s also possible to take the integrated look even further by recessing the track into the floor, for an ultra-sleek flush finish.

Two Systems, Four Different Sightline Options

Bespoke aluminium internal french doors for a stunning steel-look aesthetic

Both systems are modern, architecturally striking variations on the traditional patio door systemand feature glazed panels that slide in front of each other to create an entrance or exit. Doors can slide all the way to the left, all the way to the right or be staged intermittently, providing complete flexibility.

The main difference between the two systems are the sightlines and glass sizes they can accomodate, but both offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. We discuss the two systems in more detail below…

Origin Artisian OS-20 Sliding Doors

A Widescreen View Of Your World…

Origin Artisian Sliding Doors

A structurally bonded system that’s manufactured from premium grade aluminium, the Artisian Slider boasts ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm. It’s innate strength allows it to accomodate incredibly large glass expanses, making it both visually stunning and practically versatile. Over a large aperture, it really offers a breathtaking spectacle.

A sleek, minimalist design perfectly complements your interior space, while being ruthlessly tough in protecting your property and keeping the extreme weather out.

Each individual panel can be up 2.2m wide and 3m tall (or 6m² overall) with a maximum overall width of over 13m – the OS-20 is minimalistic and yet has the potential to give your home an entire wall of glass.

With barely visible 20mm sightlines, the Artisian Slider creates a huge impact in any room, bringing you a near wall of glass – a widescreen view of your world. Additionally, because all Origin products are completely bespoke in nature, you can configure your door to look and work just the way you want it to.

Origin Artisian Sliding Doors

Origin Patio Slider (OS-29, OS-44 & OS-77)

Classic Design, Completely Bespoke To You…

Origin Patio Slider

The Patio Slider’s classic design lends itself to any style of property, and it’s completely bespoke, it can be tailored to coordinate with your taste and any style of property. Whether you are looking to complement an ultra-modern new build or replace an existing door set, it can inject effortless elegance into any home.

There are three sightline options available with this system (either 29mm, 44mm or 77mm). The OS-29 is the slimmest sightline available with this system. The OS-77 offers a slightly more tradtional style with its larger sightlines, whilst the OS-44 brings the best of both worlds. 

Made from high grade aluminium, the Patio Slider allows for a practical and elegant solution, without any compromise on security or performance.

The Patio Slider can be installed in apertures as wide as 11.9m in a range of configurations to suit your home and spatial requirements. Whether it’s two panels for a small opening, or up to six panels for a wide opening, the Patio Slider can completely transform the look of any room or property type.

Origin Patio Slider

Compare The Differences Between The Systems

The key differences between the Artisan Slider OS-20 and the Patio Slider OS-29 / OS-44 / OS-77












Up to 1.3W/m2K

Up to 1.3W/m2K

Up to 1.3W/m2K



Up to 10‑years (frames and hardware)


Up to 5‑years

Standard: Up to 20-years

Marine Environment: Up to 10-years (frame);

up to 5-years (hardware)

Made For You…

Completely bespoke and tailored to your requirements, you can customise your door down to every last detail.


Overall Size




Handle Style & Colour




System Type


Whether you’re planning a replacement, renovation or a new-build, we have a range of configurations available to suit your desired aperture. Using our size guide below, you can estimate approximately how many doors you can accommodate in your project.

Narrow Panels Colour Key

Narrow Panels

Optimum Panels

Optimum Panels

Wide Panels

Wide Panels

Popular Configurations

Key:  O – Indicates Fixed Sash   X – Indicates Opening Sash   < > – Indicates Opening Direction


OX (1 fixed, 1 sliding) or XX (2 sliding)


OXX (1 fixed, 2 sliding) or XXX (3 sliding)


OXXO (2 fixed, 2 sliding). XXXX (4 sliding) configuration is also available exclusively on the OS-20


OXXXXO (2 fixed, 4 sliding) – XXXXXX (6 sliding) configuration is also available exclusively on the OS-20

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Origin Aluminium Sliding Doors

Why Choose Origin Global Doors & Windows?

Origin Global made in Britain

Made in the UK

All Global doors & windows are manufactured in the United Kingdom at their Buckinghamshire facility.

Origin up to 20 Year Guarantee

Up to 20 Year Guarantee

Industry leading guarantees for complete peace of mind.

Origin Global 150 RAL Colours

Range of Colours

A wide range of colour and finish options ensures that there is a style to suit your home.

Origin Thermal Performance

Thermal Performance

Origin doors & windows help your house stay warm in winter and cool in the summer.

Environmentally Responsible

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet and can be recycled infintely.

Origin Police Backed

Secured by Design

In order to achieve Secured by Design status, Origin products have to adhere to rigorous test standards required by the police.

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