Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors

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Spitfire S-700 Pivot Series...

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes Full Building Regs

→ A+ Energy Efficiency

Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors, South Wales, UK

The Spitfire S-700 Pivot door makes a colossal design statement, showcasing you and your home as genuinely unique and a class apart. Challenging the normal and surpassing the everyday, Pivot doors are truly imposing structures, which no other door design comes close to emulating.

And defying their mass, Pivot doors open effortlessly, thanks to a simple offset pivot mechanism and they close softly, cushioned by Spitfires in-built door closer.

A Pivot door can speak loudest when fitted within a Spitfire aluminium façade or framework, in a colour or finish designed to either match or contrast with your door. Of course, a steel framework will also work but unlike aluminium, cladding will be required to the steel faces, to provide a thermal barrier.

Why Choose a Spitfire Door?

A Daring Presence…The Art of Perfection

Architects recognise that Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors have allowed them to rewrite the design book, providing them with the opportunity to express their creativity in designing the focal point for substantial new homes. Pivots ooze individuality and style. Because the door is so strong, Spitfire Pivots can be clad with a wide range of materials to include tile, stone, wood and aluminium.

Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors are designed to be virtually burglar proof. Combining 3mm thick Aluminium sections with high security locks and precision engineered accessories to keep you safe.

Compared to the cost of double doors or doors with side and top panels, Pivots can be a competitively priced consideration and no other aluminium door can be made at 2 metres wide by 3 metres high.


Biometric Entry Systems

Spitfire Doors exhaustively test their locking and access control systems before and after launch, placing the greatest emphasis on security, ease of use and reliability.

The majority of customers order their Signature Series door with the easy to programme and use fingerprint opening system. This secure system can be connected to most home automation systems.

The biometric systems is secure, flexible and totally reliable and is programmed via a mobile phone, using the new Smart App. The App allows you to be in control of who enters your front door, even when you are away.

The current biometric systems also detect any changes to registered fingerprints and adapt to ensure that fingerprints can be read in both hot or cold weather. The biometric systems mean that you won’t have to fumble for keys, or have to leave a warm bed to let the kids in, after their late night antics.

Spitfire S-700 Installations

Spitfire S700 with Ceramic Design
Spitfire S700 Pivot Door with LED Lighting
Spitfire Doors S-700
Spitfire Installation in South Wales, UK.
Interior View of a Spitfire S-700 Pivot Door
Pivot Door Installation


What Makes Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors Unique?

Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors stand out for their innovative pivot hinge design, providing a stunning focal point for your entrance. Crafted with precision and elegance, these doors offer a contemporary and luxurious entrance solution.

What Maintenance Is Required For Spitfire Pivot Doors?

Spitfire Pivot Doors are designed to be low-maintenance. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and periodic lubrication of hinges ensure the doors operate smoothly and maintain their impeccable appearance.

How Do S-700 Pivot Doors Pivot, And What Benefits Does This Design Offer?

S-700 Pivot Doors operate on a central pivot hinge, allowing them to rotate effortlessly around a central point. This design not only adds a touch of architectural flair but also enhances the ease of operation and accessibility.

Can Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors Be Customised In Terms Of Size And Finishes?

Absolutely. Spitfire S-700 Pivot Doors offer extensive customisation options, allowing homeowners to choose the door size and finish that perfectly suits their design preferences and architectural requirements.

Can Spitfire Doors Be Installed In Coastal Areas?

Yes, Spitfire Doors are suitable for coastal areas. The aluminum construction and weather-resistant features make them resilient to the challenges of coastal environments, providing long-lasting performance.

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