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SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems - All Year Round Living Space...

→ Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

→ Includes All Building Regs

→ Save Money on Energy Bills

What is a SupaLite Roof?

Launched in 2012, the SupaLite Roof  rose to prominence in the retro-fit market by providing installers with a lightweight, easy-to-install and desirable solid roof which fits onto the existing conservatory window frame, and eliminates the dramatic changes in temperature seen in traditional conservatories.

The SupaLite roof system covers a wide range of solutions to match any configuration and is fully calculated and accredited for Building Regulations Approval. A SupaLite Tiled Roof System provides a valuable and an attractive solution for consumers looking to create a space that’s useable all-year-round.

Each system can be customised with internal and external lighting. There are various glass options including the SkyVista glass panel feature which SupaLite have developed six new profiles to implement into our solid roof.

What are the benefits of a SupaLite Tiled Roof?

1. House Value 

A conservatory isn’t considered ‘functional living space’, so you’re limited to what you can add in value. If you turn your new space into a functional living area, there’s potential to increase the value of your home. While there are no guarantees, you’ll certainly have more chance of increasing value with a roof.

2. Controlled Temperature

 Traditional conservatories aren’t the most habitable places. In the summer months, the temperature rises to sweltering levels, and in the winter, it’s like stepping into a large ice cube. A SupaLite tiled roof system solves both of these problems. A well-insulated roof controls the temperature, meaning you can access the room all year round.

3. Extra Room

Always dreamed of having that extra room? If you’re using your conservatory as a storage, laundry or summer room, it’s time to rethink. Get the office you’ve needed for months, the extra bedroom you want for guests, or that chillout room where you can practise yoga or arts and crafts. Whatever function you want your conservatory to serve, a tiled roof can make it happen.

4. Building Regulations

Most conservatory roof replacements don’t need planning permission. However, it’s always wise to check. All SupaLite’s conservatory roofs are insurance approved, JHAI approved and meet all building regulations. Plus, getting planning permission is lengthy and can slow down progress by 2 months or more, and you have to factor cost in as well.

5. WOW Factor

A tiled roof integrates with existing architectural and building elements. Unlike glass conservatories, they open up a range of interior and exterior styling options. Internally, lighting can be adapted to suit your needs, such as incorporating spotlights or downlights. Family rooms can enjoy integrated audio and visual equipment, and installers can conceal wires for a neat aesthetic.

    As well as the 5 major benefits mentioned above, a SupaLite roof:


    • Keeps conservatories cool on sunny days, even in direct sunlight.
    • Has a low risk of burglaries and tiles can withstand attempted removal.
    • Prevents any leaks with watertight insulation.
    • Eliminates noise from rain, wind and wildlife.
    • Cuts most glare experienced with polycarbonate or glass roofs.
    • Eliminates the need to climb ladders to clean dirty roofs.
    • Is designed and tested to standards demanded by the JHAI.
    • Boasts rapid installation times, we can transform your conservatory into an all year round living space, in a very short time frame.

    How does a SupaLite Tiled Roof work?

    Controlled Temperature, whatever the weather

    If you have an existing conservatory with a glass roof, you would have felt the extreme fluctuations in temperatures during the Summer and Winter. Too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter. With the SupaLite Tiled Roof Systems incredible U-Value of just 0.18 (0.15 for the Scottish market) you can say goodbye to the temperature fluctuations and enjoy your conservatory all year round whilst reducing energy costs and making your conservatory much more thermally efficient! As a tiled roof effectively transforms your existing conservatory into a new extension, building regulations are required. All SupaLite Roof Systems come with full Local Authority LABC building control approval.

    Tiles & Glass Options To Suit Your Style

    Exterior Image of A SupaLite Slate Tiled Roof

    Choice Of Tiles – Tapco or ExtraLight

    When a SupaLite roof is installed, many customers remodel their conservatories internally to give the feel of a true lounge or dining room. With plastered ceilings and optional internal downlighting, it gives you a dream living space.

    The SupaLite Roof can also have a variety of tiling finishes, from the lightweight ExtraLight tiles or TapcoSlate. Both of which are available in a range of colours, so you can choose the perfect tile to either compliment or contrast your existing property.

    Exterior Image of A SupaLite Slate Tiled Roof

    SupaLite Sky Elevate Roof Lantern

    Designed to beautifully complement our SupaLite flat roof orangery system, the SkyElevate gives you the best of both worlds – an insulated conservatory roof providing thermal efficiency, plus a lantern to bring maximum natural light into your living space. The slim sightlines and sleek transition of roof bars give a clean finish and allow as much light to filter through as possible. Ideal for new build homes, but equally suitable for the replacement roof market, the pairing of the SupaLite Flat Roof Orangery and the SkyElevate lantern is a gorgeous and modern, but also practical addition to your home. And with a 10 year guarantee, you can be assured of its durability and quality.

    • Self Cleaning
    • Outstanding Solar Control
    • Superb U-Value Properties
    • Thermal Efficiency
    • 10 Year Guarantee
    SupaLite Lantern

    SupaLite Sky Vista Glass Panels

    Control the temperature of your conservatory whilst making the most of natural light with our new product, the SupaLite Sky Vista – a combination of our tiled roof system and glass panels! The ultra-clever Sky Vista has excellent U-value properties and effective solar control, meaning you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory whilst allowing plenty of natural light to flow through. Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, the technology behind the Sky Vista means your conservatory will be cool and comfortable on hot sunny days and warm and cosy on cold winter days. Plus, you won’t have to climb up ladders to clean your roof, as the Sky Vista glass is self-cleaning!

    • Self Cleaning
    • Excellent U-Value Properties
    • Effective solar control
    • Natural light
    • Cool on sunny days, warm and cosy on cold winter days.

    SupaLite Installations

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    Do Supalite Roofs Require Planning Permission?

    In most cases, SupaLite Tiled Roofs are considered a permitted development and do not require planning permission. We will take care of all planning & building regulations for you.

    Are Supalite Tiled Roofs Suitable for all Types of Conservatories or Extensions?

    Supalite Tiled Roofs are versatile and can be installed on various conservatory and extension types, including Edwardian, Victorian, lean-to, and more. 

    What is a Supalite Tiled Roof System?

    A Supalite Tiled Roof System is a replacement roof for conservatories and extensions. It replaces traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs with a solid, insulated structure featuring lightweight tiles.

    Can I Add Roof Windows or Skylights to a Supalite Roof?

    Yes, you can incorporate roof windows or skylights to bring in natural light. You have options such as the Sky Vista Glass Panels which are also self-cleaning!

    Is There A Choice Of Tiles To Choose From?

    Yes, with all SupaLite Tiled Roofs, there is a tile choice. You can either opt for the lightweight ExtraLight tiles or TapcoSlate. Both of which are available in a range of colours, so you can choose the perfect tile to either compliment or contrast your existing property.

    Do SupaLite Tiled Roofs Come With A Guarantee?

    Yes, all of our installations come with a 25 year insurance backed guarantee!